Assert Tracking

Assert Tracking Management

For smart supply chain and logistics to track valuables asserts including vehicle fleets and on-ground equipment With tracking of fleets & equipment's, business can reduce cost by keeping these items in the field longer with better visibility for maintenance issues & close monitoring of real-time location.

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Devices to Streamline Asset Management and Tracking

Industries of nearly every kind benefit from asset tracking not only because it prevents theft, loss, and damage, but because assets comprise such a large percentage of a company’s holdings that asset management is essential for meeting compliance and industry standard regulations. Asset tracking that delivers real-time data contributes to a healthy bottom line, and IoT devices and systems make asset tracking more accurate and reliable than ever before.

According to a report by Mobile Experts, which follows “multiple vertical markets, illustrating future trends in detail and includes descriptions of transportation, healthcare, agriculture, industrial, retail, and consumer markets,” the asset tracking IoT device market will triple by 2022. Technologies evaluated in the report include Bluetooth, UWB, WiFi, 802.15.4, LPWA, 2G, LTE, NB-IoT, 5G, satellite, infrared, ultrasound, NFC, and RFID. Specifically, Mobile Experts Principal Analyst Joe Madden says expected annual shipments of asset tracking IoT devices will grow from 22 million to 70 million, and approximately 50% of those devices will send data through a cloud-based service provider.

Obviously, IoT is here to stay, and there are some superb asset tracking IoT devices and systems on the market already. To assist you in finding IoT devices and systems for tracking your assets, we have rounded up 48 of the best available. Our top IoT device and system picks cover a range of technologies and applications and come to you from some of the world’s leaders in technology. We’ve also chosen IoT asset tracking devices and systems that are appropriate for small businesses through enterprises. Please note, we have listed our top 48 IoT devices and systems for asset tracking here in alphabetical order to make your search easier; thus, they are not listed by any ranking or rating.

Key Features:

1. Get asset location and status information from anywhere
2. Monitor and track sensor data including temperature, acceleration, or other variables
3. Integrated hardware, cellular network, and cloud solution
4. Easy setup and comprehensive development tools
5. A toolkit full of cloud applications