Asset Tracking

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The GPS systems are todays most well known location tracking systems. Well these systems are not capable of pinpointing exact locations or locations of an entity within a building or on a particular floor or room. So here we propose a smart asset tracking system that allows to track location of objects, goods, personnel within a building or any facility. Our proposed system makes use of rf technology along with IOT to achieve this system. The system has the capability to pinpoint the location of any entity to exact room it is currently located in. The system uses mini rf circuits to be used as tracking devices. We use tracking microcontroller based circuits to track those rf circuits. The tracker cuircuits are battery powered circuits to be mounted on objects/entities. The monitoring circuits are to be placed in individual rooms. Now as soon as any tracker objects enter any room the tracker circuits come in 2-3 meters range of the monitoring circuit for that room. The monitoring system now transmits the location of that tracker circuit to the online system.

IoT offers many new tools, like in-vehicle streaming camera, driver mobile apps etc. making communication easier and rapid.

Scheduling, freight management, chauffeur and truck tracking, and effective routing are some advantages of Internet of Things.

IoT supports third party APIs for traffic reporting, park-assist, average speed, driving etiquettes monitoring etc.

Collective data from IoT devices assist fleet management companies to get valuable insights into chauffeur behaviour, acts of law breaking by the driver, over-speeding etc.

IoT automates various processes in fleet management. IoT enables companies to set up an automatic flow of logistics processes as the interconnected devices and work as part of an integrated process.

Vehicle Idling pumps tons of gases into the air; it also results in usage of billions of gallons of fuel. We can stop this with IoT; we can send a real-time notification to drivers and monitor the idling time closely.

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HOW A LoRaWAN-BASED Asset Tracking Works
The technology is still evolving, and as Vehicle Tracking solutions providers find many use cases, Internet of Things will turn out to be the lifeline of the fleet management industry.

An IoT-based fleet tracking system is way lot efficient than a traditional vehicle tracking system is. If you’re into logistic industry, you should definitely think about upgrading your systems.
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