Smart water metering

Solution with LoRa RF Technology:

Smart Water Solution with SSTPL’s LoRa Technology enable connectivity is a comprehensive approach to automatic meter reading that collects data remotely and automatically. This device allows a quick and effective management of the supply network to detect any damage or leakage of the system. If sensors detect a leak, they send an alert to a LoRa-based gateway; meter readers can also send information to the gateway about irregular readings that may indicate a leak Gateway sends information to the network where an application server analyzes the data.

Critical Benefits from Smart Water Management

1.   Lower meter reading cost

2.   Better accuracy

3.   Allows more frequent billing.

4.   Better resolve Bill disputes

5.   Identify sources of uncounted for water (Leaks, illigal connections, meter's erros)

6.   Detect evasion of water use restrictions.

7.   Promote & enforce water conversations.


A water meter is a mechanical device with a series of internal gears. These gears move as water flows through the meter, recording your usage. This process is similar to how an automobile odometer records the miles as the tires rotate. All meters are factory calibrated to industry standards prior to being shipped, and last 10 to 15 years. After that time, they can begin to wear, allowing more water to flow through the meter than is actually recorded with the result being an underbilled customer. As SSTPL's installs new meters, we also upgrade the technology allowing us to electronically read meters. This is accomplished by sending a signal to a device attached to the meter that responds with the reading. This mobile computerized technology is more accurate and more efficient than manually reading meters.