Smart gas metering

LoRaWAN Smart Gas Meter:

A combination of base meter with built-in motor valve and smart controller with LoRaWAN communication module. It is the latest generation of LoRa wireless gas meter product that conforms to the LoRaWAN international standard. Based on high reliability network technology, prepaid module is strongly recommended for LoRaWAN gas meter which makes remote daily block pricing billing realizable, and to make sure the billing more reasonable and precise. The power consumption is lower based on the particular network communication, which makes the alkaline battery life time more than 1 year. . As the leading total solution provider in the gas industry, Goldcard provides the integrated solution for the utility. To satisfy varies requirement from different customers, Goldcard provides a solution from meter to system including LoRWAN gas meter, LoRWAN data concentrator, data collection system, data marketing system and data cloud platform.

Critical Benefits from Smart Water Management.

1. Communication distance (Empty environment) > 5 kilometers.

2. Conform to LoRaWAN international standard protocol.

3. LoRaWAN standard frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology.

4. Self-adaptive communication data rate to adapt to a varies of communication conditions.

5. Adopt AES encryption algorithm for high data security.

6. Self-adaptive channel adjustment with strong anti-interference ability.

8. Transferable channel to ensure long-term communication stability of the public channel.

9. Stable and reliable star type network structure.

10. Automatic data upload, precise power consumption controlling.

11. Low meter power consumption, alkaline battery life time over 1 year.

12.Remote settable block pricing and valve control.

13. Daily and monthly billing data records available.


A water meter is a mechanical device with a series of internal gears. These gears move as water flows through the meter, recording your usage. This process is similar to how an automobile odometer records the miles as the tires rotate. All meters are factory calibrated to industry standards prior to being shipped, and last 10 to 15 years. After that time, they can begin to wear, allowing more water to flow through the meter than is actually recorded with the result being an underbilled customer. As SSTPL's installs new meters, we also upgrade the technology allowing us to electronically read meters. This is accomplished by sending a signal to a device attached to the meter that responds with the reading. This mobile computerized technology is more accurate and more efficient than manually reading meters.

Technical Parameter
Type G1.6 G2.5 G4
Qmax(m3/h) 2.5 4 6
Qmin(m3/h) 0.016 0.025 0.04
Measuring Accuracy   1.5  
Cyclic Volume   0.9 1.2
Working Pressure   <=15  
Pressure Absorption   <=250  
Operating Temperature   -25~55  
Inlet Outlet Connnector   M30 x 2  
Inter-Axis   130  
IP Degree   IP65  
Anti-Explosion   IXib IIBTT3 Gb  
Inter-axis   4.85~6.5  
Average Current   <=25  
Battery Life   AA alkaline Battery  
Data Storage   10  
Communication Mode   LoRa/loRaWAN  
The Success Rate Of Metre Reading   95%  
Single Concentrator Network Scale   > 2000  

Key Technology

Optical sampling, photoelectricity sampling, fast valve control, high gain built in antenna, LoRaWAN standard communication protocol, high reliability communication link calculation, high level encryption algorithm, self-adaptive frequency-hopping technology, self-adaptive adjustment of communication data, patented antenna technology, anti-corrosion motor, low power consumption mechanism, LoRaWAN-based remote meter billing system