Smart energy metering

Since today's energy meters have many drawbacks like two way communication, real time monitoring, energy tampered, etc.To cope up with these disadvantages. Energy Meter the means to monitor energy consumption at domestic level. This helps in reducing energy consumptions and monitors the units consumed. The objective is to make the electrical appliances intelligent and provide comfort to consumer and to reduce power consumption in web applications. Design and implementation of the project is mainly based on IoT technology. If any tampering occurs the controller will send the data to the server as well as it is cut down the energy supply automatically. Ethernet performs the IoT operation through which the data is send to the web page

Benefits from Smart Energy Management

1. Real time data monitoring

2. Remote access to load control

3. Daily, weekly usage limit can be set according to the requirement of the user which results in minimizing unnecessary energy usage.

4. Reduction in power of web application

5. Disconnection of service consumers remotely

6. The information obtain through HTML page will be real time i.e. the bill will be generated by the utility will be based on the actual amount of units consumed and not manipulated or approximated.


IoT is the main method of communication between the energy meter and web server. The sensor collects data from load and energy meter. This is then sent to Arduino through UART communication. The controller then performs logically and automatically operation using MQTT protocol. This data is then stored on the cloud such that we can monitor the data any time. This stored data displayed on the web page where the user and utility can monitor the data and perform the action they desire. Then the data is updated with the real time status of the connected devices. This updated data is send to the controller to takes the appropriate action