Smart Agriculture At SSTPL


Today's consumers put significant value on fresh, high quality food, which means farmers and food processors need to get agriculture products (crops, livestock, etc.) from farm to table very quickly and in a way that ensures food safety. Internet of things (IoT) systems for agriculture and food processing are aiding in this process. Farmers can use sensors to determine peak harvest times, while food processors can track the environment and freshness of these agriculture products through the transportation, storage and processing phases. Once in the processing facility, additional sensors track the efficiency of the production and packing equipment and also any maintenance or repair needs.

By implementing an agriculture and food processing IoT solution comprised of sensors and gateways embedded with LoRa Technology and an intelligent low power wide area network based on the LoRaWAN" protocol, farmers and processors can build a network that helps deliver fresh food in a timely and efficient manner.


1. Lets processors know about crops and livestocks maturity to improve transportation and production planning.

2. Improves efficiency of production machinery.

3. Provides farm-to-table data on environmental elements and freshness for improved food safety.

4. Speeds time-to-market for farmers and agricultural producers .


SSTPL LoRa Technology enables connectivity, real-time analytics, reporting, and additional functions such as geolocation.

1. LoRa-equipped sensors located in the dirt and in the air on farms can track crop maturation and can help determine harvest times.

2. Once crops are harvested, LoRa-equipped packing box sensors track transportation timing and environment ensuring that food is kept at the optimal temperature.

3. These same packing box sensors track environment in storage as the crops wait to be processed and then as they are processed. LoRa-equipped sensors on the production equipment track production volumes and maintenance needs.

4. mData from all sensors is periodically sent to a LoRa-based gateway.

5. Gateway sends information to network server where the data is analyzed by an application server.

6. Application server sends alerts on the crop readiness to farmers and sends environmental and production equipment information to producers via mobile device.

7. IoT systems for agricultural processing help track agriculture products (crops, precision farming, cattle tracking etc.) through the production process to ensure a high quality, fresh and safe product.