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Smart City Street Light Control Solution on LoRa

1. Dimming control for street lamps based on ambient light availability with dim control on scale of 0 to 9..

2. LoRa based wireless and ultra low-power consumption control system to control street lamps

3. Retro fitting option to dim LED street lamps with PWM controllers.

4. Accurate and real-time lamp failure detection system to report failed street lamps

5. Manual override remote control for feeder systems to adjust street lamp schedules and dim controls

6. Live map based street lamp status check system over cloud hosted software.

LoRaWAN Street Light Controller with Dimmer

1. Moonlight based dim control for maximum energy savings.

2. Early morning/evening energy saving system

3. Extends life of LED and prevents over-heating by dynamically adjusting dim level.

4. Occupancy sensor extension allows lamps to be lit at low level until a pedestrian or vehicle is detected.

5. Mesh network over LoRa allows several lights neighboring lights to become bright as soon as a pedestrian or vehicle is detected.

6. 60-80% energy savings can be made in residential colonies street lights and low traffic streets.

Unique Advantages of LoRa Street Lights

1. Ultra-low energy consumption that saves upto 60% electricity and pays for itself in less than 4 years.

2. Uniquely identifiable and addressable lights for real-time operation on individual lights and detection of faulty lights

3. Easy retro fitting in existing LED street lights to start savings immediately.

4. Live monitoring/operation of entire street lighting system over cloud based software platform.

5.Easy to setup and control street lights.