Sensor Integration


Transmits sensor readings using latest LoRaWAN wireless communication technology

Compatible to LoRaWAN networks of any provider

Enables large scale sensor coverage

Interfaces with all sensors of our comprehensive

Benefit of Using SSTPL's Sensor integration

Low Cost of Hardware : LoRa Modem Hardware cost is almost half of any prevailing GPRS Modem

Sensor Ecosystem: It support wide range of sensor ecosystem.

Security: It is Enabled with end to end AES128 encryption.

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The LoRaWAN sensor device interfaces with a wide range of sensors. It provides a stable sensor supply and includes signal conditioning circuitry for analog sensor signals or provides an appropriate interface for sensors with digital outputs. The device is designed for highest measurement accuracy, optimal performance and lowest power consumption, targeting a system life time up to 10 years.

ADR and OTAA support The device supports ADR (adaptive data rate) and OTAA (over the air activation) which is crucial to operate large scale networks of sensors with LoRaWAN communication technology
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