Lorawan Server

Features of LoRawan Server

Payload encryption / decryption:LoRa App Server handles the encryption and decryption of the application payloads. It also holds the application-key of each device and handles the join-accept in case of OTAA activation. This means that payloads will be sent decrypted to the integrations, but also that before payloads are sent to LoRa Server meaning the network-server does not have access to these payloads.

Live event-logging: With LoRa App Server you are able to inspect all raw and encrypted LoRaWAN frames per gateway or device. When opening the Live LoRaWAN frame logs tab on the gateway or device detail page, you will see all frames passing in realtime. This will also allow you to inspect the (encrypted) content of each LoRaWAN frame.

Live frame-logging:With LoRa App Server you are able to inspect all events from the web-interface, without the need to use a MQTT client or build an integration. When opening the Live event logs tab on the device detail pace, you will see all uplink, ack, join and error events in realtime.

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What is LoRa and how does it work?
LoRa App Server is an open-source LoRaWAN application-server, part of the LoRa Server project. It is responsible for the device “inventory” part of a LoRaWAN infrastructure, handling of join-request and the handling and encryption of application payloads.

It offers a web-interface where users, organizations, applications and devices can be managed. For integration with external services, it offers a RESTful and gRPC API.

Device data can be sent and / or received over MQTT, HTTP and be written directly into InfluxDB.
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