Benefit of Using LoRa Network

Low Cost of Hardware:   LoRa Modem Hardware cost is almost half of any prevailing GPRS Modem.

Low Cost of recurring charges:    Since there is cost advantage over legacy cellular networks, recurring charges per devices connectivity is substantially low which again gives long time cost benefit.

Frequency Availability:  It uses 865-867 MHz ISM bands which is available world wide.Long Range: It has very wide coverage range about 5 km in urban areas and 15 km in suburban areas.

Low Power Consumption:   It consumes less power and hence battery will last for longer duration.Expandability: Single LoRa Gateway device is designed to take care of 10000 end devices or nodes.

Adaptive Data Rate:    It uses Adaptive Data Rate technique to vary output data rate/Rf output of end devices. This helps in maximizing battery life as well as overall capacity of the LoRaWAN network. The data rate can be varied from 0.3 kbps to 27 Kbps for 125 KHz bandwidth.

Wider IOT/M2M Applications:      It is widely used for M2M/IoT applications in Smart City’s, Health, Utilities, Home Automation, Assert & Cattle Tracking, Supply Chain & Logistic & Industrial applications.

High Efficiency & Reliability:   It uses LoRa modulation which has constant envelope modulation similar to FSK modulation type and hence available PA (power amplifier) stages having low cost and low power with high efficiency can be used.

Sensor Ecosystem:   It support wide range of sensor ecosystem.

Security:   It is Enabled with end to end AES128 encryption.