Industrial Controls

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Temperature monitoring is a key element of industrial production processes. Alloy melting quality in the automotive industry, foil thermoforming in the plastic industry, or glass syringe production in the life science industry requires temperature measurement across the entire production line. An undetected anomaly in such production processes could cost millions of dollars.

By implementing an industrial temperature monitoring system comprised of sensors and gateways embedded with LoRa Technology and an intelligent low power wide area network based on the LoRaWAN" protocol, manufacturers can better control the quality of their production process.

Increase production yield and quality through the use of temperature sensors embedded with LoRa Technology

Provide manufacturers with flexibility to use a public or private LoRaWAN-based network for greater control over quality and costs.

Support battery-powered and continuous-power environments to meet demands of various monitoring situations

Reliable RF communication link between sensing infrastructure and LoRaWAN-based network provides excellent coverage

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SSTPL LoRa Technology enables connectivity, real-time analytics, reporting, and additional functions such as geolocation.

Sensors embedded with LoRa Technology are placed throughout a manufacturing plant to monitor the temperature of different processes

Sensors periodically measure the temperature and send the data to a LoRa-based gateway

Gateway sends information to the network where the data is analyzed by an application Server

Application server generates an alert to plant workers or supervisors via computer or mobile device, so they can take necessary action

Data collected from the system is stored in a quality control database for future reference

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Precise industrial temperature monitoring for a wide range of manufacturing processes and industries, including:

Alloy melting (automotive)

Glass syringe production (life sciences)

Foil thermoforming (plastics)